Why Lawyers Need to Stay at the Cutting Edge of Technology

Lawyers, even more than most professionals, need to stay abreast of modern technology. Here’s why.

1. It allows them to market and advertise their services effectively. Those lawyers who understand and are comfortable with modern technology have a distinct edge in reaching modern consumers. In contemporary parlance, law firms with social networking profiles, a search engine optimized website, and multiple informational lawyer videos on a legal directory give those firms a leg up in attracting new clients. Of course, merely having those technologies isn’t enough: they need to understand them well enough to keep them up-to-date and to capitalize on any new developments.

2.  It helps them stay apace with their clients. The best way to win new clients is by understanding them, and today’s generation is more tech savvy than ever. In order to win them, lawyers have to speak their language, and that language is increasingly technological in nature. Instead of communicating primarily through text, modern consumers communicate using mixed media—audio, video and text.

3. Lawyers need to use every resource at their disposal to help their clients. Modern cases involve multiple gigabytes of information, and the more efficiently that information can be searched through, sliced and diced, and analyzed, the more likely your client is to win his case—and that’s just the beginning of the role technology plays. There are also computer forensics and courtroom animations, presentations and exhibits, to name a few. While most firms will hire professionals to aid in such tasks, lawyers need to be familiar with the skills involved, and the capabilities of the professionals available in order to choose those professionals well.

4. Modern technology allows a mobile workforce. Lawyers are constantly on the move, and the more technologically capable a firm and its lawyers are, the more effective they can be while they’re away from the office. It’s not just having access to the firm’s network, however, but also keeping that network secure.

5. It builds credibility with clients—and juries. Effective use of technology will help prove to prospective and current clients your competence. As for the jury, technologically savvy lawyers who are able to bring their skills into the courtroom come across as better prepared, more knowledgeable and better organized that those lawyers relying on old fashioned technology.

6. It’s becoming the law of the land. Modern courtrooms are incorporating more and more technology—technology that lawyers need to understand in order to use it. Being behind the curve might not only harm your reputation, but also your chance at successfully representing your client.

As much education as lawyers get in order to earn their degrees and pass the bar, there is always more to learn—especially when it comes to technology. Keeping up with the requirements of our modern technological age is essential for lawyers, as it helps maintain an effective—and effectively marketed—law firm, one that uses whatever resources are at hand to help its clients.

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