Turning Web Visitors into Clients

In this post, we will explain the various strategies we follow in order to build a terrific website for each of our law firm customers, as well as the techniques we use to drive visitor traffic to those sites. And while every online marketing program should focus on attracting visitors, the investment to drive traffic is wasted if those visitors don’t take the next step to contact you.

Earlier this year, a study was commissioned to determine how people use the Internet to find, evaluate and hire lawyers. We learned there are seven common questions that most prospective clients have in their minds when they are doing their online research for a law firm and viewing various firm websites. Armed with this insight, we develop the content and the design of every site we build in order to anticipate these questions and answer them in a way that increases the chances a visitor to the site will contact our customer by phone or email.

Here are those seven questions and how we addressed them in our attorney websites:

1. Is this firm’s office close to me?

We made sure to prominently display the attorney's local contact information at the very top of the home page, including the office’s local phone number.

2. Can this firm handle my specific legal issue?

The first “navigation line” on the home page includes each of your website's areas of practice and the bottom bar must display three large boxes to correspond with these three areas.

3. Is this firm experienced and knowledgeable?

You will find the phrase “60 years of combined legal experience” is one of the first lines of text on the site, the firm’s year of founding is displayed and the attorney’s biographies emphasize their honors, awards and memberships.

4. Does this firm care about me and my needs?

Each practice area page on the site follows a very clear “What to Expect” formula that explains exactly what will happen when someone contacts you and clearly displays that the firm offers a free initial consultation. This is intended to reassure prospective clients that they will be treated graciously by the attorneys at the firm.

5. Will I make a personal connection to these lawyers?

Rather than landscape or stock photos, we use personal photos of each attorney on the site so visitors can relate to them as individuals. We also use text such as “personal attention” and “caring attorneys” which truly describes these attorneys, throughout the site.

6. Is this firm successful at what they do?

We have prominently displayed actual client testimonials on every page on the site in order to illustrate that the firm has done great work and produced great results for other people.

7. How do I differentiate this firm from others?

We believe that the home page needs to function as an executive summary for the entire website because visitors may not go to any other pages. On the home page, you will quickly surmise what this firm does and how they go about doing it, inviting you to give them a call if you’d like to stop by for an initial chat.

Of course, there is no guarantee that someone viewing your site for the first time will become a new client, but there are some important things we do in website development to increase the number of folks who will contact you to learn more about your legal services.

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