Time to Create Your Attorney Profiles

Most law firms are aware of the importance of having a profile on various directories such as Lawyers.com , a leading website individuals and small business owners visit when searching for an attorney to help them out with a legal issue. But too many firms think that it’s enough to just publish the names of their lawyers, their office address and maybe their areas of practice.

The best way for a law firm to think of its profile on Lawyers.com is as a great online resume. When you consider 70% plan to contact a lawyer found on the site* it is critical that your profile stands out and compels a prospective client to click on you.

There are three pillars for any great small law firm marketing program –visibility, credibility and personality. Here’s how we apply these pillars to the law firm profile:

  • we achieve visibility by using text that is friendly to the major search engines;
  • we highlight credibility by publishing Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings and other information that illustrates professional expertise;
  • we try to bring the firm’s personality to life by using various media in the profile.

We want its profile to showcase the firm’s expertise and we want to tell that story by using the kind of language its prospective clients would use. We’ve incorporated the firm’s “Overview” from its website into the Lawyers.com profile; we’ve developed new biographies for each attorney that highlight their expertise in a way that relates to their clients’ needs; and we just finalized a video with the partners that is posted to the profile as well.

The firm’s profile obviously needs to include some basic information, but we see it as more than a place to just post some names and law school information. I like to work with customers to find a way for us to communicate the personality of the law firm. The firm profile is a great platform for showing who they are as lawyers, what interests they have outside of the office, and what makes them unique.

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