The Power of Video for Law Firms

Once upon a time, it was considered quite a luxury to have a video posted on your website. For the most part, only the largest law firms with the biggest marketing budgets were able to afford this kind of feature.

Those days are gone. Video is now a necessity for a law firm website.

Videos allow you to achieve four important objectives on your site. First, they’re great tools for helping your firm stand out from others in your area by giving you a chance to communicate your areas of expertise.

Second, a good video can be really engaging with visitors to your site – and is a nice break from the static text they’ll be reading on the various pages.

Third, videos allow you to have some personal interaction with prospective clients because they feel connected to you and are more relaxed about meeting with you in person.

Finally, video has become an important tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and helping your firm appear higher in the results when people do Internet searches for lawyers. In fact, chances of showing up at the top of Google search results are improved by 50xs when you add a video*

Our goal is to create videos that would provide personal introductions to the firm for prospective clients by expressing a quick message and to do so in a way that showed the sensitive demeanor of the firm’s attorneys.

Our production team worked with the partners of the firm to film and create two videos that were specific to their two most important areas of practice:

(1) Family Law – a brief video in which we tried to express the lawyers’ sensitivity to the trauma of divorce and how they can help their clients through that difficult time; and

(2) Personal Injury – a short video that tried to convey the sense of compassion and personal attention the firm shows to accident victims who seek their legal counsel.

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