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PR for law firms, 3 ways to get the attention you want

Identifying and implementing the best marketing channels for your law firm is the entire focus of Write Law but that doesn't mean we can't tackle some of your choices here on the blog!

Press and PR for Law Firms

Let's say you want to get a little more attention for your firm, either online or on TV. How do you do it?

Hire a PR company

PR companies can help you connect with local and national media to promote your firm and the things you are doing. You just have to have something newsworthy going on to actually promote. Sure, a big case settlement or verdict may get you in the local legal news, but if you want a further reach, you need a newsworthy angle on that verdict. PR companies can help you pitch your story and can help you jazz things up so that the story actually gets picked up. Your PR company can also help you come up with other newsworthy topics or activities that may be more likely to be picked up by local or national media.

Pitch the media directly

I recently heard of an attorney that does intellectual property law and he stumbled across a patent filing that indicated a national company was pursuing a new line of business that they hadn't publicly announced yet. He contacted his local news channel, told them what he thought was going on and they brought him into the station to interview him on live TV about it. He wound up doing several other appearances on local and national news channels because he was the legal expert who broke this particular piece of news. You may be able to do the same thing by using your understanding of the filing process in your practice areas to discover newsworthy information that you can share with the media.

Respond to reporters on HARO

HARO (short for Help a Reporter Out) is an online service that connects reporters with potential sources by sending out three emails per day to sources who have asked to be added to HARO's email list.  As a potential source, you can scan the daily emails and respond to topics that are relevant to your business experience, legal practice areas or education. And what is great about HARO is it is free!

Remember, once you've given a reporter a quote, they can do whatever they'd like with it.

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