Screened Legal Leads

Converting prospects into paying clients becomes far easier when you know who is actively searching for attorneys in your area, with your qualifications — and when you can quickly engage them.

Increase conversion rates, optimize your business development time and fill your new business pipeline with pre-qualified legal leads from LexisNexis. Legal leads are generated based on your firm’s expertise and the specific legal issues of your target clientele. Write Law then screens prospective clients before passing their information on to you, confirming their legal need, location and contact information.

You get access to high-quality legal leads within 48 hours, enabling a prompt follow-up while hiring an attorney is top-of-mind for prospective clients. Write Law will even attempt to transfer leads to you over the phone so you can connect immediately.

What Customers Are Saying

“The service has been wonderful and I really feel like a partner instead of a customer.  I highly recommend this service to anyone…Looking forward to a long relationship with many great leads!”