Law Firm SEO Strategies

In today’s digital age, it is not enough to have a website that serves only as a placeholder for your phone number and office hours. You need to be leveraging your web presence in a way that actively brings in clients, which can be done through a combination of law firm SEO and content marketing. A solid strategy for increasing your search engine ranking position (SERPs) includes the following:

Keep Your Content Updated

One of the most important metrics search engine algorithms take into account when determining your website’s SERPs revolves around how often new content is added somewhere on your site. A website that is rarely updated will be seen by a search engine as having stale, out of date information. This has a negative effect on how high your website appears in the search engines, but it is generally easy to avoid by adding new content on a regular basis.

Target Specific Keywords and Phrases

Keyword targeting allows you to hone in on terms that your potential clients are looking up online. Understanding what people are looking for, then delivering content tailored to their concerns gives you a good chance to bring them aboard as a client. Content that includes your targeted keywords in a natural way should start appearing in a favorable position on search engine pages fairly quickly.

Be Active on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the three most valuable social media platforms to concentrate on for law firm SEO purposes. Similar to a website, if you only have a page on social media platforms to serve as a placeholder, it will not be doing anything to help your site, or bring in new clients. Even making a short post every two to three weeks, with a link back to your website, should help quite a bit.

Partner with a Digital Marketing Company

Top spots on search engine ranking pages for lawyer-related websites are generally difficult to attain. A lot of work needs to go into developing your website, keeping it updated, and managing various external factors that make up other aspects of law firm SEO. Most of the time, you will find that using a digital marketing company to take care of your firm’s SEO needs is well worth the money.

Many other law firms use an outside company to manage their online and social media presence, specifically because those companies can dedicate the time necessary to making sure your SEO efforts are not going to waste. It may be possible to do everything yourself, but your own time is likely more valuable than what you would spend on a digital marketing professional.

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