Getting a Jump Start on the SEO for Law Firms

Our approach to law firm marketing is to focus on a measurable ROI (Return on Investment) that law firm customers can evaluate for themselves. This means that we’re always looking for ways to begin delivering results from Day One.

In the case of the SEO program, we prefer not to wait until the law firm website has been redesigned and launched before we begin our work. So for new clients, our SEO team works with the website team to create a temporary “splash page” that can be rolled out right away. This allows us to jump-start the SEO program and begin improving the firm’s performance in search engine results immediately. When the site redesign gets further along and new content is developed, the SEO team will take its program to the next level.

The goal of the splash page is to gain some recognition from the search engines so they begin to understand who the law firm is and what they do. At this point, we’re just posting core content about where the firm is located, what areas of practice they offer to clients, and how they can be contacted by anyone who has a question. This gives us early credibility with the engines, which we can build on during the weeks and months to come.

Our SEO services are designed to optimize a law firm website to improve its online visibility in organic search results. The goal here is to get in front of people when they’re starting their search for an attorney and drive more visitors to the CR&B site with targeted content, optimized titles, keywords and descriptions.

Later in the marketing we begin to link to blog content, articles and press releases so the site is always optimized for maximum visibility in search results. We’ll also work to register the firm and the various attorney names with the top search engines – including Google, Yahoo! and Bing – for improved placement and rankings.

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