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4 questions to ask yourself if you want to use webinars to promote your law firm

We use webinars pretty regularly to share information with our clients, contacts and referral sources. So I get a ton of questions about how law firms can use webinars to either support the work they are currently doing or to generate new business. But first things first, lets take a second to define what a webinar actually is because there is often confusion around what is or is not a webinar.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a live or recorded educational session that has both an audio and video component. Webinars are typically a combination of informational slides and video of the presenter.

Ok, so now that we know what a webinar is. You need to ask yourself the following 4 questions to determine the best way to use webinars in your firm.

What is the purpose of your webinar?

The purpose of your webinar will drive everything you do related to your the creation of your webinar content as well as every other piece of the webinar process from delivery to follow-up. Most webinars fall into one of three categories:

  • List building webinars Webinars are a great way to grow your email marketing list, especially if you partner with someone to promote your webinar so that you reach their audience as well.
  • Content delivery webinars Webinars are a great, easy way to share additional information with your current audience or with a new audience. One way attorneys use webinars is to answer questions they regularly get about different case types and then make the recordings available to new clients.
  • Sales webinars If you offer fixed price or bundled services, a webinar can be a great way to promote and sell those services.

What webinar platform are you going to use?

When you are looking for a platform for your webinars, you will want to look at the different options available to you and consider the purpose of your webinar along with asking yourself:

  • What kind of webinar do I want to do? Will it be a live webinar, a recorded webinar or a combination/hybrid webinar?
  • How well do the different webinar platforms integrate with my current business systems? 
  • How big can my audience be? 
  • What kind of audience interaction is available? Can I respond to questions posed by the audience? Can I ask polling questions? Can I create a buy button for audience members to make a purchase at the end of the webinar?
  • What is the cost of the platform? 

If you want a comprehensive look at several of the available webinar platforms out there you can check out our webinar resources for additional information.

How do you plan to promote the webinar?

Once you've settled on the purpose of your webinar and have decided on a platform, you can start to promote your webinar. You can promote your webinar via a number of different channels including:

  • Strategic partners
  • Referral sources
  • Email marketing
  • Your website and blog
  • Internet ads FB, LinkedIn, Google etc.

How will you follow up with your audience after the webinar?

Regardless of the purpose of the webinar, a good follow-up schedule can make a big difference in the long term success of your presentations. We typically build three different follow-up sequences based on the actions taken by a particular contact. You may consider mapping out a follow-up plan for contacts who:

  • Registered for the webinar but didn't attend
  • Attended the webinar but didn't take the action you wanted them to take
  • Attended the webinar and took the action you asked them to take

Webinars can be a really great tool for your firm! If you have questions about using webinars to grow your law firm's business, we can help you work through those questions and build a plan during a strategy session!

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