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Is your website appearing on search engines for your important keywords? If not, your law firm’s marketing needs attention. Today, law firms are moving away from the traditional referrals of archaic advertising and stepping into the world of online marketing. Write law is a team of web designers, graphic artists, SEOs, Adwords experts, writers and consultants who are dedicated to proving the power of digital marketing for law firms nationwide. If your law firm website is not bringing new clients to your business, we can help. If your business cannot be found online, we are here to systematically improve your online visibility and supercharge your website to grow your business.

At Write Law, we focus on saving our attorney clients’ time and making them money by writing high-quality blog posts, website content, and other online marketing materials. We also rank the shiznit out of your website in Google.

For many firms, working with a legal internet marketing firm is a new concept. Please click on one of the links below to learn more about our specific services.

Law Firm Services

  • Website Content
  • Law Firm Web Design. Your potential client’s first impression of you.
  • Attorney Social Media Content
  • Law Firm Copywriting
  • SEO fo Lawyers. We employ a diverse approach to bring you first-page rankings.
  • Social Media Marketing. Be part of the conversation that is happening in your industry.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Data is power. We report and make adjustments to improve your ROI.

Search Engine Marketing for Attorneys

Are you looking to improve your website’s presence to attract potential clients and boost your search rankings to a more competitive level? Write Law provides effective SEO services for attorneys that help tackle factors which may be negatively affecting your ranking and site performance, keeping you from gaining the clients you deserve.

Our SEO services include a thorough site backlink analysis to identify and eliminate toxic backlinks.

Quality content prepared by well-informed writers versed in law advertisement rules, monthly blogging to inform and engage your readers and monthly reporting and consultation to keep your website running at a competitive level.

Write Law also provides link-building services by creating local citations and optimizing specialized association profiles for attorney listings in directories such as Avvo and Justia making putting your website in the hands of easily accessible to your target audience.

As an added bonus to boost SEO rankings for law firms, all of our packages include video optimization that utilizes the power of video to help reel in your potential clients by targeting queries and delivering your marketing message in a visually captivating way.

This included service sets Write Law aside from other legal internet marketing companies and is a modern approach to help increase traffic on your side.

Don’t wait another moment to increase your SEO rankings, you may be giving up potential business to other lawyer websites as we speak! Call us today to learn more about our monthly search marketing services.

Legal Marketing Has Changed

Up until recently, law firms turned to print media, television ads and billboards to announce their services. However, the days of generating a full caseload from a couple of billboards, some bus stop bench ads, or a full-page spread in the local yellow pages are over.

In an increasingly digital age of smartphones, tablets and easily accessible technology, law firms that want to increase their client base must effectively use the digital marketing tools available today and be ready to adapt, change and grow as technology does.

You know that beyond the beautiful website, the firm Facebook page or Twitter account are the words you use.  If a prospective client can’t find the information they are looking for on your site or doesn’t understand what you are talking about, they will move on to one of your competitors. If your firm is struggling to connect with prospective clients, the content on your site is likely a part of the problem.

Write Law Can Help

At Write Law we provide expertly crafted, legal marketing content that is factually accurate while remaining accessible to the general public. We believe that the content in your marketing materials should attract and filter your target audience, allowing the right clients to find your firm while minimizing the time spent qualifying incoming calls and new client inquiries. With our help, you can reach your target market effectively, connect with potential clients and take your firm to the next level.

We offer free consultations and are happy to answer any questions you have about website content, blogging as a law firm or the use of social media for expanding your legal practice. If you are ready to get that blog or website live, let’s get working!

Successful law firm marketing is built on visibility, credibility and personality.

Potential clients must know your firm exists, believe they can trust you, and feel you’re the right fit before they become actual clients. Your skills and experience may be superb, but the competition is fierce. It takes a powerful online presence to win the business your firm wants now. Because the fact is, 65% of people begin their search for a lawyer on the Internet.*

Write law has the online expertise, products and services to bring a winning mix of visibility, credibility and personality to your firm.

Personality: Make an impression.

It takes skill to convey your firm’s personality—the intangible how and why that’s in play regardless of your capabilities. Making a great first impression of your firm can mean the difference between a “no” and a “go” for potential clients.

  • Unlike any other tool, your website invites prospects into your firm and gives a sense of who you are. Whether you’re “all business” or “just like family,” cutting-edge or conservative, a carefully crafted website can make potential clients think “This firm works for me.” Add a Web-optimized video, and your prospects are virtually in your office in an instant.
  • Professional networking sites are the latest way to give a view of an individual attorney’s personal style and expertise. The connections you’ll make within the legal community could gain you lucrative referral business.

Bringing your firm outstanding visibility, credibility and personality online is not hard—but it does require savvy decision making, and the tools to implement your plan. With our help, your firm can be open for business in the most powerful marketplace for lawyers: the Internet.

Visibility: Show yourself.

Potential clients have a world of choices, but until they’ve heard of you, you’re not one of them. Where will they look? The same place you’re looking: the Internet.

  • A profile in an online directory is the obvious first choice for visibility on the Web. Millions of potential clients search the leading online legal destinations, Lawyers.comSM and® when looking for representation. Your firm needs to be there.
  • Even the simplest website gives your firm a tremendous boost in online visibility. But a truly well-crafted site, professionally built and optimized for the Web, will help launch your firm to the top of search results so your best prospects see your name ahead of your competition’s.

Once your name is out there, you’re in. Now for the next important step: establishing credibility.

Credibility: Gain their trust.

You’ve captured a potential client’s attention, but you don’t have much time—another firm is just a click away—so you’ve got to be compelling, and quick. This is the moment in which you distinguish yourself from the competition; demonstrate your superior legal skills; then validate with proof.

  • Make sure your online profile and your website reflect the best your firm has to offer: your key practice areas, top talent and standout cases. Hugely important: Validate your claims on the spot with peer and client ratings. Third-party commentary gives potential clients confidence in your firm before you’ve even met.
  • Dive deeper where you have particular expertise, providing detail that convinces your prospects that your skills match their needs. Look for unlimited content capabilities and opportunities to provide thought-leadership, such as newsletters, professional networks and blogs. And get your name out there in the news—the more you appear in trusted online sources, the more recognition and credibility you have.

Now that potential clients have found you, and trust your abilities, they really want to know: What’s it like to work with you? The deciding factor just may be your firm’s personality.

* NYSBA Journal, Sept. 2009